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Have you ever bought swim briefs, but there was always something not quite right? For example, uncomfortably tight crotch pouch, insufficient under crotch coverage, falling-out issues, leg opening elastic too tight or too loose, and chafing? There could be more issues than these. KovarX was conceived to solve common fitting issues for swim briefs that we all have compromised and tolerated. Have you ever bought swim briefs that are fantastic, but just too expensive? Stallion Swim Brief was invented to make the luxury fit and experience affordable. We believe every guy deserves an affordable and well fitted swim brief in their life. If you have never found a swim brief that worked for you, definitely give us a try!


Stallion Swim Brief can accompany you from competitive sports like beach volleyball all the way to circuit parties! Anything you can think of to show all your skin without showing all the goodies. It’s more than just a lounging-around swim brief. The fabrics and trims used are suitable for swimming in chlorine pools, too. We would like to see what you imagine wearing Stallion Swim Brief for.

Stallion Swim Brief

FreedomFlex™ Technology Pouch:

Have you ever felt the suffocation when the crotch area is just too tight? Have you ever felt the crotch pouch design is just too roomy that just doesn’t compliment your body? Stallion Swim Brief has the FreedomFlex™ technology pouch that accommodates all different sizes of men parts without falling out! It is the comfortable pouch that allows you to live with our swim briefs from day to night. Comfort, versatility, and coverage are really our top priorities at KovarX.

One-Panel Front Design:

Simple yet effective is the essence of Stallion Swim Brief. No crotch seam to draw extra attention to your crotch. No unnecessary style lines to make it noisy. We know that it’s hard to find any minimalistic swim brief. It’s always easier to hide flaws in complicated design lines, but we came up with Stallion Swim Brief that fits perfectly with just side seams and a crotch seam. Nothing more and nothing less.

Stallion Swim Brief

Crotch Coverage:

Stallion Swim Brief swears to provide full coverage under your crotch and there will be no accidental slip-outs! We have done extensive research to ensure our customers will be satisfied with the total crotch coverage. If you always had or worried about slip-out issues before, you should definitely give Stallion Swim Brief a try. It’s truly an experience when you finally find a swim brief that you are comfortable with

Entirely Lined:

We line the entire Stallion Swim Brief to prevent see-through-ness, visible penis line, and hyperhidrosis of the glutes so that it is suitable for playing sports and exercises. At KovarX, we believe being sexy shouldn’t be uncomfortable or awkward. Also the lining allows the crotch seam to be clean finished to reduce chafing under the crotch!

Stallion Swim Brief

High Leg Opening:

The high leg cut-out allows full range of motion at the front hip flexor that is required in sports. While moving in Stallion Swim Brief, the leg opening will be positioned at the natural leg crease of the front hip flexor. By minimizing straining of the leg opening, your athletic performance will not be hindered. A swim brief isn’t just for the sex appeal, it’s also functional as well.

Waist Drawstring:

By having the drawstring at the waist, your sexy narrow waist physique will not go unnoticed. By choosing the right size to fit the glutes properly then simply tighten the drawstring, the Stallion Brief should be perfect for you.

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